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Santa Claus, Arizona: There was a Christmas-themed town in Arizona

Mohave Museum of History and Art

Santa Claus, Arizona: There was a Christmas-themed town in Arizona

Back in its heyday, the town of Santa Claus had big dreams that hoped to shatter the barriers of any Christmas-themed snow globe.

According to a June 13, 1940 article in the Mohave Daily Miner (now the Kingman Daily Miner), Mr. Edward and Mrs. Ninon Talbott opened the Christmas Tree Inn, a restaurant with two dining rooms, off Highway 93, 15 miles from Kingman. ”

In the years that immediately followed, the Talbotts received letter-after-letter addressed to Santa, according to a 2005 historical report in the Kingman Daily Miner.

(It wasn’t the North Pole, but perhaps Santa had a vacation home in Arizona? OK. That’s a bit of a marketing stretch, I’ll admit).

Today, a drive passed Santa Claus acres paints a less-than-cheery picture. At the moment, only time will tell if Santa Claus, Arizona will go down in history as folklore or if a Christmas miracle can save its future.

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Mohave Museum of History and Art

Where is Santa Claus, Ariz.?

A: It is about 15 miles north of Kingman on Highway 93, less than a mile past the Mineral Park exit. Edward O. and Ninon R. Talbot moved to Kingman in the late 1920s and proceeded to purchase various lots of land, primarily in the Hollywood Division.
This division eventually became government land, in the general area where Interstate 40 goes through Kingman, across Highway 93.

Talbot had been involved with the hotel business, but Ninon had a dream, so Edward thought this was a good opportunity for her to build it where land was plentiful.

They purchased more land about 15 miles north naming it Santa Claus Acres.

They proceeded to build a restaurant/gift shop with a basement for stock, a service station with a small apartment upstairs, named the Sky Pilot Room, and a separate building in back of the restaurant as a master bedroom.
Later, they added two very small houses to the north of the above buildings, fashioned after the Three Little Pigs (brick house) and Mary Had a Little Lamb (wood) for the children to enjoy. It had a roof with red and white tile and two Santas standing by the brick fire chimney.

They, and the next owners, Russell “Doc” and Erma Bromaghim, would answer the children’s letters and send them back with the postmark Santa Claus, AZ.

In addition to the tourists who read about it in tour guides, families and groups from Kingman, Duval Mine and surrounding areas enjoyed many luncheons there.

Doc and Erma had a well-drilling firm come out and try to get water, but after drilling down more than 2,000 feet, it came up dry.

The establishment continued for a short time under new management, but with the water problem and illness, they were forced to close their lease in the mid-1960s.

The Ford Company’s “The New Ford Treasury of Favorite Recipes from Famous Restaurants” used their Cranberry Waldorf salad recipe in 1963, and earlier Duncan Hines used their Rum Pie recipe in one of his issues of recipe books.

It is sad to report that with the numerous owners over the past 40 years, none were present who could take care of the property.

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