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Media Inquiries

Guidelines for Seeking Media Coverage


Every day we bring you the latest stories from across Buckeye… but what we want to hear are the issues that matter to you.

The part you play in making the news is important. Whether it is breaking news or a featured item, your contribution can make a difference.

submit a news story

Have you seen or been involved in a news event? Is something significant, bizarre or unusual happening where you live? Have you got a story to tell or is there something you think we should follow up? Are there topics you want to get your neighborhood talking about? On what do you want to comment? Or do you want to find out what others are talking about?

Do you know of a story that we should pursue? We’re about investigative reporting on topics that matter: corruption, conflicts of interest, broken systems, abuses by institutions and individuals with power, whether that’s government, nonprofits, or the press itself.

The most important aspect is to emphasize how the story is relevant and why we should cover it.

Your email should include the following:

  • Reasons on why your story is relevant
  • The main points of your story (Don’t be too long, just need to get the main points across. Just answer the big questions)
  • Previous news coverage (links!)
  • Your contact information


To submit a story, send an email to: [email protected]