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More Buckeye residents share stories of water bill spikes

Following Wednesday’s story of a Buckeye man who is facing an extremely high water bill, more Buckeye homeowners are coming forward, saying they have unbelievably high water bills, including a woman named Danielle Kerns.

buckeye residents share stories of water bill

Water for two adults, three kids, and a large fish tank usually costs Kerns about $200 per month.

Then she received a tsunami of a bill that was near $2,000.

“When I first opened it, I thought it was a typo,” said Kerns.

The bill claimed they used 77,000 gallons in August, and 43,000 in September, enough to fill several backyard swimming pools.

“It’s just outrageous. It’s not even a claim that could be possibly remotely possible,” said Kerns.

Her boyfriend, Jim Smith, a licensed plumber, checked everywhere for leaks.

“Irrigations, outside, the backflow preventers, those kinds of things. If there’s any drips, I do it every day, I’d catch it pretty quick,” said Smith.

He says he found nothing.

Kerns couldn’t afford the bill. She says her water was shut off.

“Instead of the mortgage, I went ahead and paid the $600 to get the water turned on, but I had already paid the mortgage, and it was in the mail, so that check bounced, so I got a foreclosure notice. Now that I’m behind on my mortgage,” said Kerns.

Frustrated, she’s looking for answers from the City of Buckeye.

“So I do feel like they’re being malicious when it comes to it because if they were truly worried, there were some type of issue. They’d be helping me figure out the problem so we can fix it,” Kerns said.

We reached out to the City of Buckeye. Dave Nigh, the Water Resources Department director, says anyone with concerns about their bill can call his office directly at 623-349-6103, and he’ll help to look at each case individually. He says people should be prepared with their address and account number when they call.

New water rates were put into effect earlier this year, so all residents should be seeing a slight increase in their bills since January.

Nigh says the more water you use, the more expensive each gallon gets.

He says there are a few plumbing companies that will check Buckeye homes for leaks at no cost.

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Source: More Buckeye residents share stories of water bill spikes