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Massive gourds stolen from Arizona farm days before Halloween school tours

Pumpkin pirates pilfer 300 massive gourds from Arizona farm just days before Halloween

  • The heist took place sometime between Sunday evening and Wednesday morning at Rocker 7 Farm Patch in rural Buckeye, Arizona
  • Thieves got away with $3,000 worth of the farm’s largest and most expensive carving pumpkins
  • They left behind rows of small pumpkins that are handed to school children on visiting the farm on field trips
  • Across the country in New Jersey, a group of thieves snatched 200 pumpkins from a farmstand on Tuesday

Call it the great gourd heist of 2016.

The owners of a farm in rural Buckeye, Arizona, say someone had plundered their pumpkin patch ahead of this week’s busy Halloween weekend, stealing 300 of their largest and most expensive specimens.
Kelly Stecker, festival director at Rocker 7 Farm Patch, said the pumpkins were stolen sometime between Sunday night after 7pm and Wednesday morning, settling the farm with $3,000 in loss.
Stecker said all of the stolen gourds were large carving pumpkins ranging in price from $8 to $18 a piece, which had been placed in the patch for school tours that were scheduled for this week, according to a report by ABC15.
The pumpkin pirates pilfered the heftiest gourds on the patch, leaving behind rows of small pumpkins, which are handed to school children visiting the farm on field trips.

To add insult to injury, the gourd grab took place or around the time of the National Pumpkin Day on Tuesday.


The owners of the pumpkin patch on Wednesday filed a police report in the hope of recovering their stolen crop. Luckily for the farm, the pumpkins were insured, reported 12News.

Meanwhile, they have ordered a new shipment of pumpkins from New Mexico for the final weekend of this year’s fall festival.

Stecker said those responsible for ransacking the pumpkin patch must have hauled away their edible loot in a large truck under the cover of darkness since the rural property is not lit at night.
AZFamily.com reported that the Rocker 7 Farm Patch has a fence around it, but the vegetable vandals might have navigated dirt roads to cross neighboring properties to reach the patch.


A similar incident took place overnight on Tuesday on a farm in Wayne, New Jersey, located nearly 2,500 miles west of Buckeye, Arizona.
Surveillance video at the Farm Views Roadstand captured a group of thieves pilfering 200 pumpkins worth between $2,500 and $3,000.

Source: 300 massive gourds stolen from Arizona farm days before Halloween school tours