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Effort to recall Buckeye mayor because of high water bills

Buckeye Mayor Jackie Meck

Frustrated Buckeye residents filed initial recall paperwork against Mayor Jackie Meck on Nov. 22, 2016.(Photo: Handout)

Frustrated with the city’s response to a sudden spike in some homeowners’ water bills, a group of Buckeye residents has filed paperwork to recall Mayor Jackie Meck.

Jeffrey Hancock, who is co-leading the recall effort, filed the petition Nov. 22.

Meck said Tuesday the city is still addressing complaints from residential water customers.
Buckeye residents have reported water bills increasing to upward of $400, with some as high as $1,400. Residents’ complaints first surfaced on social media and rose to the city’s attention about a month ago.

“The city of Buckeye is heading in the right direction and I’m proud of everything we’ve accomplished,” Meck said. “As a growing city we can always improve, especially in areas like customer services. There has been some growing pains with the purchase of the water company and I’m working to get to the bottom of it.”

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