Liberty School District Superintendent Protested By Parents

Parents protest Liberty School District superintendent

Liberty School District Superintendent

Some parents in a west Valley school district want to see the superintendent out, and they let him know as much at the Governing Board Meeting Monday night.

The superintendent at the center of this is Dr. Andrew Rogers.

Many of those who showed up Monday night to protest were especially upset over what they say was a disruption of their kid’s gifted programs. A bunch of gifted students were left without a teacher and the very next day they were forced into another classroom where all they had was basically coloring books to color.

Dr. Rogers was in attendance Monday night, but he sat quietly and did not make eye contact with the crowd of parents who repeatedly asked the board to remove him from his position.

Since all of this was brought up during public comment, neither the board nor the superintendent could respond or engage with those parents.

It is unclear what the next step is, but we do know the governing board has the power to remove the superintendent.

The board president says he had no comment at this time.