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Higley Unified School District First To Adopt School Bus Tracking App

The Higley Unified School District is giving its students and their parents a way to track school buses in real time.

school bus tracking app

The Here Comes the Bus app works on computers, tablets and smartphones, and HUSD is the first district in the state to use it.

The app is designed to show the real-time location of buses so that everybody knows exactly when the bus should arrive at any given stop along the route.

“The app, in conjunction with student bus passes, provides parents with student tracking technology,” according to an HUSD Facebook post about Here Comes the Bus. “This keeps students safe by assuring their boarding and exiting of busses at the correct times and locations.”

HUSD started test driving the app in December and said it has “quickly gained traction among families.”

“About 20 parents have downloaded the app daily since its release,” according to HUSD. “Now, hundreds of parents and students are actively using the technology.”

[PDF: Here Comes the Bus app instructions from Higley Unified School District]

For parents, it’s about peace of mind.

“With our new Student Ridership option, parents will know whether or not their child made it on the bus, and if they did, at what time,” explains HereComestheBus.com. “And for parents, all this information can be accessed whether you’re at home or at work.”

Designed by Synovia Solutions, which specializes in fleet tracking, the app can send customized text and email alerts based on the location of a bus, which is tracked by GPS. It also can track multiple buses.

The idea is not only to ensure that children make their buses in the morning but also to let parents know when their student(s) have been dropped off in the afternoon.

Students can use the app in place of their bus pass card to scan on and off of their buses.

It’s not just parents and students who benefit.

school bus tracking app

“Drivers also benefit from the system when they receive direct feedback on whether or not a student is authorized to board a bus,” according to HUSD.

“The HUSD Transportation office is able to monitor the location, speed and status of all buses, including the ability to remotely view engine diagnostics and idle time, saving the district money,” Higley’s Director of Transportation Josh Crosby said.

The HearCometheBus.com FAQ page addresses the questions of security, saying Here Comes the Bus is “just like a bank or online store.”

The app, which is free for parents and students to use, is available both in the App Store and Google Play.

If you have questions about the Here Comes the Bus app, you can email [email protected].

HUSD is comprised of 13 schools serving children from kindergarten through high school.

[PDF: Here Comes the Bus app instructions from Higley Unified School District]

Source: Higley Unified School District first in AZ to adopt school bus tracking app– CBS 5 – KPHO