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Buckeye City Council Approves Lower Water Rates

On Monday, Nov. 28, the Buckeye City Council unanimously approved restructuring  water rates – effectively keeping bills the same or lowering them for some customers.

The Council also canceled a proposed 10% rate increase that had been slated to take effect in January 2017.

lower water rates
At the direction of the Council, the current water rate structure, tier pricing, and a previously approved increase had been under review for the past six months by outside consultant, Dan Jackson of Willdan Financial Services.
Following the review, the Council took action to maintain the current rate for the lowest water users and reduce the rates of other four tiers by as much as 40%.

“After reviewing the City of Buckeye’s water program, we applaud their efforts to supply reliable water to such a large area. They are doing a great job managing this precious resource and after a full review of their system, we believe that the system can be maintained and supported at a lower rate structure,” said Jackson.

Water rates are tiered based on consumption to reflect the increasing cost of supplying more water to customers who use higher amounts of water.
The tiered rates allow cities to recover the costs of providing water to high users while also having the effect of encouraging customers to conserve.

“Buckeye is a fiscally responsible city and we are always looking for ways to protect the taxpayers and our customers. We are working hard every day to keep things as affordable as possible and reduce the burden where we can,” said Mayor Jackie Meck, “We were pleased to be able to reduce the water rates while keeping a reliable system that will be there when people turn on their faucet. I want to thank Dan Jackson, the members of the City Council, and the City staff for their hard work in making this possible.”

lower water rates

The new water rates are set to take effect January 1, 2017.
For information about the City of Buckeye, visit www.buckeyeaz.gov.

Rate History

Usage(in gallons)Tier 10 – 6,000Tier 26,001 – 10,000Tier 310,001 – 15,000Tier 415,001 – 30,000Tier 530,000
Current Rates(Expire 1/2017)3.935.709.7514.6215.48
Initial rate proposal (Would have become effective 1/2017)4.346.2910.7616.1417.09
New rates passed by City Council on 11/28 (Effective 1/2017)3.934.916.147.689.59

Source: Buckeye City Council Approves Lower Water Rates – City of Buckeye, Arizona