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Recalling Mayor Jackie Meck Falls Short Despite The Amount Of Complaints

Effort to recall Buckeye Mayor Jackie Meck appears to fall short of signatures

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A citizen-driven campaign to recall Buckeye Mayor Jackie Meck after outrage over high water bills will likely fail to trigger a recall election by next week’s deadline, according to Jeffrey Hancock, co-leader of the recall effort. On Tuesday afternoon, Hancock said the group will come up 500 signatures short.

In the fall 2016, Buckeye residents reported rising monthly water bills as high as $1,400.

At the time, Meck — who was re-elected for a third term in August — insisted the city was working to address residents’ outrage and said a recall election was “not how we have settled our differences” in the past in Buckeye.

Hancock said he’s disappointed the community’s involvement in the recall campaign didn’t measure up to the amount of complaints voiced on social media, but some gains were made.

“I don’t think it was a lost cause,” Hancock said. … People can go to the hotline, and the city will do an audit and come and investigate. ”

Amid the high water-bill complaints, Buckeye City Council voted to roll back a proposed residential water rate hike and reduced rates for high-water consumers.

Buckeye Water Resources Director Dave Nigh was placed on administrative leave in December and resigned in February. 30 to address the community outcry, Buckeye’s analysis found no issue with its water system.

Hancock said Buckeye residents will continue to report water problems to the city after the recall campaign is over. I hope after this recall effort goes away that we don’t have problems again,” Hancock said.