A Neighborhood Invader From Florida To Inventory Buckeye Street Signs

A blue and white van with weird looking cameras and other contraptions is invading from Florida and it’s a good thing.buckeye street signs

Buckeye’s Public Works Director Scott Lowe said for the next several months, a Florida-based company will be inventorying all street signs in the City of Buckeye to make sure they comply with federal sign standards.

The federally-funded project will be administered by the Arizona Department of Transportation by a Florida-based company.

“The vehicles will be traveling all roads within the city, but because they want to ensure the highest quality of data and imagery, those vans will only collect data during daylight hours,” Lowe said.

However, he added, they will be working at night as well, but it might not be the same vehicles and driver.  Lowe explained that the nighttime work is very specific and must include an observer federal regulations require to be older than 62” for night vision requirements.

According to the company, Data Transfer Solutions, of Orlando, Fla., the sophisticated data collection vans possess forward-facing digital cameras that will collect all imagery on all above-ground, transportation-related assets within the right-of-way, ranging from stop lights to speed limit signs, guardrails to curbs.

Once the data, which helps state and local transportation agencies inventory and manage transportation infrastructure, facilities, and assets, is collected, Lowe said a follow-up project will replace up to $167,400 worth of signage here that doesn’t meet federal standards – at no cost to the city.

English: Unusual speed limit (3 MPH), located ...

English: Unusual speed limit (3 MPH), located at the DATA bus terminal in downtown Durham, North Carolina. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anyone with questions about the project should call the Buckeye Public Works Department at 623-349-6825.

Source: Is It a Neighborhood Invader? No, Only An Inventory of Buckeye Street Signs – City of Buckeye, Arizona