Approval For Eight Downtown Renovation Projects

The Buckeye City Council has approved $100,000 for eight downtown business renovation projects through the City’s Economic Development Department’s Catalyst Program.

The eight projects, which received city funding ranging from $2,919 to $22,500, are part of a very successful program, now in its fourth year, for businesses looking to expand, rehabilitate their building, beautify their streetscape or provide public amenities such as landscaping, public parking or lighting.

Buckeye Economic Development Director Len Becker said the program has benefited the city because the businesses improve their properties, provide additional sale tax revenues and job growth for the city.

Downtown Renovation Projects

The Economic Development Catalyst Program provides awards of up to $9,999 without any required private sector match, while those applicants requesting over that amount are required to match at least 25 percent of their award amount.  The maximum award is $25,000 per project.

The projects approved by the Council include;

  • Salvador’s Restaurant, stucco, paint, shades, doors, windows, $22,500 from the city for the project total of $101,392
  • National Bank of Arizona, new façade, windows, doors, landscape and sidewalk, $22,500 from the city for a project total of $80,981
  • Oasis Insurance, new patio structure, exterior lighting and paint building, $22,500 from the city for the project total of $46,939
  • Two Amigos Auto Repair, new door, window and storefront façade, $9,999 from the city
  • West Valley Tire Inc., new façade, security doors and paint entire building, $7,800 from the city
  • Adelante Healthcare, repair exterior stucco and paint, $7,500 from the city
  • Millstone Café, painting, 10 new awnings and valances for windows, $4,500 from the city
  • To the Limit Properties, six window awnings, $2,920 from the city.

The city’s $100,000 investment, Becker added, would leverage more than $260,000 in private sector investment into these properties and businesses.


Source: Buckeye City Council Approves $100,000 for Eight Downtown Renovation Projects