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Scariest Haunted Attractions Elite List of 13 Must Visit This Halloween

Zombies lurking in the alleys of a hotel on the West Coast; vampires hiding on city streets with an army of blood-seeking spirits waiting to attack in the Midwest; and a house on a southern Bayou where real ghosts are trapped inside, all come alive during Halloween season. Theworldsscariestshaunts.com has named the 13 scariest haunted attractions worth visiting here in the United States. Many haunts are even open in November.

scariest haunted attractions

The U.S. is a nation filled with hard to impress individuals and families who all love a good scare inside cavernous haunted houses and other scary attractions.
Hundreds of haunted attractions from coast-to-coast open during the autumn season, but only 13 made the list of the best of the best (or…the dreaded of the dreaded!).
It takes elaborate and creative sets, detailed costumes and big budgets to create haunted attractions that are both massive and creepy enough to frighten a nation of savvy Halloween fans.
scariest haunted attractions

The following list of haunted attractions by theworldsscariesthaunts.com are “musts” for horror fans to visit this season.
Many are even open into November for lucky – or unlucky souls.
Catch them now before the ghouls and ghosts retreat back into the Earth until next year!

  1. The Haunted Hotel (San Diego)
  2. House of Torment (Austin)
  3. 13th Floor (Phoenix)
  4. Cutting Edge (Dallas)
  5. 13th Floor Haunted House (Chicago)
  6. Spookyworld – Nightmare New England – (Litchfield, N.H.)
  7. 13th Floor (San Antonio)
  8. Bennett’s Curse (Maryland)
  9. Erebus (Pontiac, MI)
  10. 13th Gate (Baton Rouge)
  11. Nightmare On The Bayou (Houston)
  12. Netherworld (Atlanta)
  13. Beast (Kansas City)

scariest haunted attractions

ABOUT Theworldsscariesthaunts.com
Theworldsscariesthaunts.com is comprised of Halloween experts who have explored haunted attractions around the world – finding the most scariest to be located right in the USA. The Halloween fans at Theworldsscariesthaunts.com are thirsty for huge, scream-inducing scares and know that you are too! It is all about fun! Learn more about the best haunted attractions at www.theworldsscariesthaunts.com

SOURCE: theworldsscariesthaunts.com

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