Free and low cost legal help in Arizona

If you have a consumer dispute, there is low-cost legal help in Arizona that you might have to fight it in court.

low cost legal help in arizona

A lot of us can’t afford to do that but there are a few resources available to try and keep your costs down.

First find out whether or not you even have a case. Agencies like theMaricopa Bar Association can connect you with an attorney that will consult for as little as $40.

You may even qualify for free or lower cost representation based on your income. You can apply with .

Finally, can you handle the case yourself?

If it’s something like a contract or property damage valued under $3,500, small claims court is a good option.
It costs $52 to file.

We discussed this topic with help from the Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education , and have links to many other helpful websites in the comments section.

Get help with your consumer problems in person!

low cost legal help in arizona

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