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‘Black moon’ set to rise Friday and You Will Miss It

The “black moon” will appear in the sky Friday night, although no one will be able to see it.

It is a rare occurrence that happens about once every 32 months, but scientists said it’s not anything phenomenal.

According to NASA, the black moon occurs when two new moons rise during the same month.

A new moon rises every month as a part of its phase cycle. The lunar calendar and calendar year almost line up, so there is typically one new moon and one full moon each month.

A full moon is when the side fully illuminated by sunlight faces Earth. With a black moon, the illuminated side is turned away from Earth, make it nearly invisible.

It’s the opposite of a “blue moon,” which is a second full moon in one month.

The last black moon was in 2014, and Friday everyone in the Western Hemisphere will experience it again. For the Eastern Hemisphere, it won’t appear until after midnight, making it part of October.

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Source: ‘Black moon’ set to rise Friday – CBS 5 – KPHO

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