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Arizona Republicans Suggest Teachers With Second Jobs Are Buying Boats

Arizona has a massive teacher shortage.

It also has some of the lowest paid teachers in the entire country, many of whom are forced to take on second or even third jobs just so that they can pay their bills.

teachers with second jobs

But according to Rep. John Allen, the House Majority Leader and a Republican from Scottsdale, that’s just part of what makes America great.

Here’s Allen testifying in a House floor session on Wednesday:

There’s lots of people out there with second jobs. Most of us in this room have a second job. Good for them! I like seeing people try to get ahead in life, when they take their god-given talents and efforts and make themselves better. That’s America! The idea that we are somehow torturing somebody if they have a second job is just ridiculous. And, they have a long summer! What a great opportunity for people like us and teachers to go and get a second job. Let’s all go out and get a second job this summer. I know my wife would greatly encourage that.

In a stunning display of tone-deafness, Allen later doubled down on his remarks, telling the Arizona Capitol Times that people who take on second jobs aren’t necessarily doing it because they’re on the brink of poverty.

“They want to improve themselves,” he said. “They want to pay for a boat. They want a bigger house. They work hard to provide themselves with a better lifestyle.”

Anyway. If any of this makes you feel like screaming, the Arizona Education Association, AZ Schools Now, and ProgressNow Arizona are holding a “Boat Parade 4 Teachers” protest on Tuesday afternoon at the Capitol.

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