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Keep Scorpions Out Of Your Home Unless You Are ‘The Scorpion King’

Scorpions are out: Keep them out of your home and natural resources that may help.   Arizona’s mini heat wave is bringing out bees, rattlesnakes, and scorpions. Companies like “We Seal It” are working overtime to keep the creepy crawlers from lurking around your home. “Cool dark places to hide and nothing is cooler than the […]

Congress approves move to allow drug-testing for unemployment benefits

The Senate on Tuesday sent President Donald Trump a measure to expand the number of applicants for jobless benefits who can be drug-tested. The White House has said Trump will sign the measure into law as a cancellation of “unnecessary regulations.” Lawmakers in the GOP-controlled Congress have complained that under President Barack Obama, the government […]

‘Forever’ Homes Needed At Overcrowded Maricopa County Shelter

Wanted: ‘Forever’ homes for dogs, cats at overcrowded Maricopa County shelter A cacophony of barking greets visitors at the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control shelter in south Phoenix. Marcela Taracena, spokeswoman for the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control shelter, said about 750 animals are at the shelter. About 100 animals are brought to […]

Polaris Recalling 13,500 RZR And GENERAL Recreational Off-highway Vehicles

Polaris is recalling their RZR and GENERAL recreational off-highway vehicles due to burn and fire hazards. It was discovered the engine can misfire and the temperatures of the exhaust and nearby components can get too hot. This causes the components to melt, and/or a contaminated brake master cylinder may cause unintended brake drag, posing burn […]

Facebook Live Privacy Settings Show Where You Are Right Now

Facebook Live privacy settings you should be aware of. Facebook is changing the way we connect with people, how we socialize, and how we see events unfold in real-time. Facebook Live is quickly becoming one of the social network’s most popular features, but there’s a hidden danger all users should know about. On Facebook, there’s […]

Phoenix Street Racing Bust With 23 Arrested and 114 Citations Issued

Arizona DPS Highway Patrol Troopers and Phoenix Patrol Officers arrested nearly two dozen people and cited more than 100 for street racing in Phoenix Sunday night.   DPS said there were more than 250 street racers in different spots throughout Phoenix before they raced each other along Valley freeways and city streets. Police believe the […]

Can you be a victim of these scams targeting seniors?

Are you able to be a victim of these scams targeting seniors? An IRS impersonation fraud that has victimized thousands of Americans leads a 2017 U.S. Senate ranking of the Top 10 scams targeting senior citizens. Dubbed by the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration as the most pervasive impersonation fraud in IRS history, the […]

39 things only Arizonans know

Whether you’ve been in Arizona a few years or are a native, certain truths have become self-evident. Here are things only Arizonans know: 1. We miss lush vegetation. We just don’t admit it. 2. We laugh at news reports of snowmageddon, polar vortex and snow-zilla. 3. In summer, flip-flops can be considered formal attire. 4. Fry bread is God’s […]

7 of the weirdest state tax laws

Tax season has come around, and many of us have begun the thrilling task of gathering year-end statements from banks and brokerages. Opinions are often divided over which taxes and tax rates are reasonable, but there are some state tax laws that most people would view as weird. Here are seven weirdest state tax laws […]

Phoenix BikeFest 2017 will roar into new location

The epic gathering of motorcycle riders from around the Valley and beyond, Phoenix BikeFest. It has outgrown Westgate and will be held at the Peoria Sports Complex this year. Phoenix BikeFest is returning on Thursday, April 6 and will run until Sunday, April 9 in the P83 Entertainment District at 16101 N. 83rd Ave. in Peoria. […]

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