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Arizona Fetal Care Network offers help, hope in high-risk pregnancy

For Jacob and Cathleen Miller, every moment they spend holding daughter Elizabeth is precious, all the more so because it’s something they feared might never happen. “And I would cry several times while telling  the story,” Cathleen Miller remembered. “Because you don’t know if you are going to have the point where you are going […]

Is Drone Flying A Problem in Arizona?

Flying drones for commercial purposes is still a matter of debate at the federal level. But for recreational drone operators, the situation seems to be murky. Two Arizona communities, Paradise Valley and Phoenix are taking local regulations up a notch in light of privacy violation concerns. Unmanned air vehicles have greatly increased in popularity, with hobbyists […]

Is There a Real Designated Survivor Or Order of Presidential Succession?

Did you watch the new show on ABC, Designated Survivor, staring Kiefer Sutherland?   According to the Presidential Succession Act of 1792, the Senate president pro tempore1 was next in line after the vice president to succeed to the presidency, followed by the Speaker of the House. In 1886, however, Congress changed the order of presidential […]

Traditional “Grito” celebrates Hispanic Heritage month

Arizona celebrates Hispanic Heritage month with traditional “Grito” Hispanic Heritage month celebrations featuring mariachi music also include a “grito,” a traditional yell, an expression of joy and appreciation during songs. “It happens a lot of time when there is a pause in the music and it happens in the beginning of some of the songs […]

Amateur Radio Parity Act Passes US House

  Will your HOA allow a radio antennae to be installed according to the Amateur Radio Parity Act? Most new houses are part of homeowners associations, covenants, or have other restrictions on the deed that dictate what color you can paint your house, the front door, or what type of mailbox is acceptable. For amateur radio operators, […]

Arizona Court Passes Ruling Equating Changing a Diaper With Pedophilia

Parents in the US could be prosecuted for changing their child’s nappy (diaper), following a recent court ruling. The Supreme Court of the State of Arizona issued a decision interpreting a state law to criminalise any contact between an adult and a child’s genitals. The court upheld the case of a man who reportedly appealed his conviction […]

Metro Phoenix housing market climbs from worst to almost first

cxenseparse_start Metro Phoenix housing market is called the country’s second-best market for homeowners, according to   The Metro Phoenix housing market  has improved from one of the worst to one of the best in less than a decade. The data proves we’ve risen from the depths of the housing crisis and deserve this national […]

Buckeye Valley Museum Opens With New Feature “The Rest of the Story” Exhibits

Buckeye Valley Museum Opens Friday, Sept. 9 Four engaging and memorable exhibits detailing the headlines, holidays and travels of historic Buckeye and the 50-year history of the community’s Melodrama will be featured when the Buckeye Valley Museum opens its doors for the season on Friday, Sept. 9. Museum Supervisor Chris Larson said this season’s “The […]

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