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Luke AFB Role In The 75 years of The Air Education and Training Command

  The Air Education and Training Command is vital in its mission to recruit, educate, and train today’s Airmen to keep our Air Force mission ready. Luke Air Force Base in Arizona has been a part of the Air Training Command and AETC for approximately half of its lifetime and has been the largest fighter […]

List Of Historic Properties In Buckeye, Arizona With Pictures

This list, which includes a photo gallery, has some of the remaining Historic Properties in Buckeye, Arizona. Buckeye was first inhabited by the ancient Native-American tribe known as the Hohokam. A couple of the Historic Properties In Buckeye are listed in the National Register of Historic Properties. The Buckeye Canal was developed in 1884 by […]

70 years ago The Cactus League Got Its Start In Arizona

How the Cactus League got its start in Arizona 70 years ago Ah, March. While folks back East are still praying for an end to an interminable winter, we in Arizona are enjoying longer days and basking in a warm sun. 2017 is a milestone year for spring training baseball in Arizona. As you sit […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know About the Old West

Failed bandit Elmer McCurdy’s corpse had a more interesting life than the man did. In 1911, Elmer McCurdy mistakenly robbed a passenger train he thought contained thousands of dollars. The disappointed outlaw made off with just $46 and was shot by lawmen shortly thereafter. McCurdy’s unclaimed corpse was then embalmed with an arsenic preparation, sold […]

Unsolved Mysteries of the Wild West

The lore of the Old West—stories of gunslingers, tribal and territorial warfare, missing treasure—is undying. But are the historical records to be believed? W.C. Jameson, the famed treasure hunter, hardcore Texas cowboy, and author of over 90 books on Old West history—including Unsolved Mysteries of the Old West and the Beyond the Grave series tends […]

Wild West place names come with wild tales in Arizona

The legend goes like this: A cattle gang moved in and terrorized Holbrook, a town that, as an old saying goes, was “too tough for women and churches.” That was about 1886. There were daily fistfights and decades-long feuds, and sometimes the violence escalated. One day, a brawl at the Cottage Saloon ended in a […]

15 Places To Experience The Old West In Arizona

If there’s any place in the country that best defines and depicts the Old West, it’s Arizona. Depending on who’s telling the narrative, our state’s history was either a mythos of paradise sprung to life, a romanticized image of a cowboy and his horse, or life interrupted by an exceedingly violent time period. All of […]

The Apache Kid – Indian Scout And Outlaw of the Southwest

The Apache Kid – Outlaw Legend of the Southwest Said to have been the fiercest Apache next to Geronimo, as well as a notorious outlaw of the late 19th century, was the Apache Kid. Born in the 1860’s on the San Carlos Reservation in Arizona, the “Kid was most likely of the White Mountain Apache. […]

The Women of Arizona Are Seeking The Right To Vote

The women of Arizona Territory spent a quarter-century seeking the right to vote in all elections. They’d been given the vote in school elections in 1883, and at one point, it looked like that would be expanded to municipal elections—but that bill was thrown out by the courts. When it came time to write a […]

Gunfights of the Arizona Rangers

Half an hour before midnight on October 23, 1904, Joe Bostwick slipped through the rear door of the Palace Saloon in Tucson, Arizona Territory. His face was shrouded in a red bandana, complete with eyeholes, and he brandished a long-barreled Colt .45. “Hands up!” he shouted. Four regulars were on duty in the Palace: a […]

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