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Anatomía De Una Masacre

La historia del asalto mortal a un pueblo mexicano cerca de la frontera con Texas. Y la operación antidrogas estadounidense que lo desencadenó. José Juan Morales, coordinador de investigadores, Subprocuraduría de Personas Desaparecidas en el estado de Coahuila: Tenemos testimonios de personas que afirman que participaron en el crimen. Se hablaba de alrededor de 50 […]

Do You Think White People Should Cook Mexican Food?

Should White People Cook Mexican Food? Thoughts On the Kooks Burritos Sage. The saga of Kooks Burritos, as far as I can tell, begins with owners Liz Connelly and Kali Wilgus taking a road trip to Mexico where they ate lobster burritos on the beach and fell in love with the stretchy, handmade flour tortillas […]

Creator Of World’s Largest Child Pornography Website Sentenced to 30 Years

‘Playpen’ Website Creator Sentenced to 30 Years     The creator and lead administrator of what was believed to be the world’s largest child pornography website—with more than 150,000 users around the world—was sentenced this week to 30 years in prison. Steven W. Chase, 58, of Naples, Florida, created a website called Playpen in August […]

National Missing Children’s Day

Unfortunately, not all lost children are found quickly, and some never make it home.   On National Missing Children’s Day, the FBI asks the public for help in locating any of the victims pictured here from our Kidnapping and Missing Person webpage. The FBI also has several programs in place to educate both parents and […]

Teachers speak out and they’re not happy

Teachers speak out about working conditions, and they’re not happy. For the past decade, the vast majority of Arizona counties have faced a teacher shortage at the beginning of the school year, and as school districts head into the summer many teachers expect more of the same. A Public Insight Network query asking the state’s […]

2020 Census To Include Gender and Sexual Orientation Questions

Advocates push for gender and sexual orientation questions for 2020 Census     David Stacy has heard the stories of older same-sex couples who face discrimination in assisted-living facilities because some “workers are less tolerant” toward them – but he can’t point to data outlining the problem. “We know these problems exist but don’t know […]

Arizona Republicans Suggest Teachers With Second Jobs Are Buying Boats

Arizona has a massive teacher shortage. It also has some of the lowest paid teachers in the entire country, many of whom are forced to take on second or even third jobs just so that they can pay their bills. But according to Rep. John Allen, the House Majority Leader and a Republican from Scottsdale, that’s just […]

Which Arizona Politicians Support The Border Wall

It’s looking like Trump is backing down from his demand that Congress approve funding for the border wall by Friday, or else face a government shutdown. Which raises the question: besides Trump himself, who actually wants a border wall? Here’s where Arizona’s top elected officials stand: Governor Doug Ducey (Republican) Governor Doug Ducey Courtesy of […]

Justice Department Warns Willful Violations of Tax Laws Are Criminal

Individual Income Tax Filing Deadline Quickly Approaching And Violations of Tax Laws A Concern. Series of Prosecutions Highlight Tax Division’s Criminal Enforcement With the annual tax return filing deadline almost upon us, the vast majority of taxpayers are complying with their legal obligation to file accurate returns and pay the taxes that they owe. However, there […]

Phoenix’s homeless go missing during the Final Four

Missing in action: Phoenix’s homeless not on view for Final Four Consider the case of the missing homeless. Invisible in the crowds that swarmed downtown for last weekend’s Final Four events were the street people of Phoenix. They didn’t show up in unusual numbers at the Central Arizona Shelter Services nor at the overflow shelter […]

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