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Join Buckeye4Locals exclusive group of quality advertisers.

Buckeye4Locals offers advertisers targeted consumers in the Buckeye, Arizona area. Satisfaction Guaranteed: Cancel any time and receive a full refund on the unused portion of your order. Buckeye4Locals is a fully RESPONSIVE website that automatically adjusts to the size of a visitor’s viewing screen, whether full desktop size, tablet, Smartphone, iPhone, or other mobile device viewing size. Most Internet users are now on mobile devices, so you must deliver your marketing message through a responsive website. Let Buckeye4Locals lead the way for you!

Buckeye4Locals accepts all Standard Banner Ad Sizes and Formats, including Video Feeds.

Text Link Ad

Embed your marketing message direct into an article/video post at Buckeye4Locals. Your Text link Ad is embedded manually into the post, and cannot be blocked by browser ad blockers. Choose an article post for your Text Link Ad, let Buckeye4Locals select a post for you, or embed your text link in the latest post.

Text Link Ad Material: 150 Characters max (includes spaces). For your URL website, indicate if using a different display name for the URL. No capitalized words. email to: [email protected]

Banner Advertising

Order by any duration of time (1 month, two mo.’s, three mo., six mo’s). Choose from among multiple sizes and placements.

Banner Ad Material and Specifications: Includes all industry standard formats including jpg, gif, animated.gif, HTML,(embed URL link into code). Change material anytime. Buckeye4Locals can quickly design a Banner Ad for you. Design Fee is $100 ($140 for 300X600 Banner). Banner Ad material can be emailed to [email protected]

Sponsored Content

Market and promote your business direct to Buckeye4Locals’ audience, through a Sponsored Content article or video Post. Includes home page visibility. Sponsored Content has the same look, format, and appearance as other content within Buckeye4Locals.

The staff of Buckeye4Locals will assist you in editing and finalizing your sponsored content so that it will be engaging to your audience. This can include selecting attractive images to go with your content, editing content for readability and effectiveness, and improving headlines – all at the discretion of the advertiser. Sponsored Content will be placed dynamically within content channels, to link your content with the same format and appearance as other content on the website.

Sponsored Content Material: For an article, email your editorial with any images to [email protected] For a Video, email a link of the YouTube video to [email protected] Buckeye4locals accepts all common video formats. You can also submit editorial content to go with your video.